Price & Devliery time notice

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(Summary description)Price & Devliery time notice

Price & Devliery time notice

(Summary description)Price & Devliery time notice

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About price

As for the material price keep rising and USD/RMB exchange rate keep going down .Therefore ,the price will be adjusted .Thus,once there is any new need please confirm price with us again .We are available for you . 

About delivery time 

Some production lines are quite busy such as the hoe and machine forged pickaxe ,these delivery time has arranged to beginning of December,2020 . 

Therefore ,to make sure your orders ship in time ,please arrange your orders ahead of time .

Another kind remind is about the shipping: 

The busy season will be lead to end of Jan 2021 . Ship ,containers,positions are limited .Thus,Arrange everything ahead of time is much better . 

Sep 2,2020

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